What is a Local Strategic Planning Statement?

    The Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) is a new legislative requirement that has been designed to provide the link between the State Government’s strategic plans and Council’s local land use plans and guidelines.   The Statement sits within Council’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, providing an important link with our Community Strategic Plan ‘Our Byron Our Future 2028‘.

    The LSPS identifies Council’s land use planning priorities and how these are to be delivered, including;

    • Special characteristics that contribute to local identity,
    • Shared community values to be maintained and enhanced, and 
    • How future growth and change will be managed.

    Designed to be an easy to read document, the LSPS creates a clear line of sight between Council’s land use planning priorities, the 'Our Byron Our Future'  Community Strategic Plan (CSP), and guiding policy directions in the North Coast Regional Plan. By providing a snapshot of Council’s key planning priorities and actions, the LSPS will make it easier for the community to understand the future direction of land use in their area. 

    The LSPS will also enable us to identify potential gaps in our land use planning framework and prepare corresponding actions to address these.  

    The LSPS will be a living document, updated regularly to ensure it reflects Council’s land use planning priorities, which also in turn will inform changes to our Local Environment Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plans (DCP).

    How is the Local Strategic Planning Statement different to our Community Strategic Plan?

    The Community Strategic Plan (CSP) is the governing document in strategic business planning across all Council activities. Prepared under the Local Government Act 1993, the CSP focuses on achieving the long term social, environmental and economic aspirations of the community. 

    The LSPS is essentially a “mini-CSP” with a specific focus on land use planning.  It not only reflects the vision, themes and strategies in the CSP, which have been developed through an extensive community consultation process, but is also informed by our place planning documents, growth management strategies and infrastructure contribution plans.

    What consultation has informed our LSPS?

    The draft LSPS builds on the extensive engagement undertaken in developing Council’s Community Strategic Plan, Our Byron Our Future, during 2017-2018, including community feedback regarding what residents most like and dislike about Byron Shire, and what people would like to see retained and changed.  

    It also builds on recent consultation undertaken across a range of land use planning projects, including:

    • Local Growth Management Strategies (Rural Land Use Strategy; Business & Industrial Lands Strategy; draft Residential Strategy)
    • Recent Place Plans (Bangalow Village Plan, Byron Bay Town Centre Master Plan, Our Mullumbimby Masterplan, Byron Arts & Industry Estate Precinct Plan (draft))
    • Tourism Planning (Sustainable Visitation Strategy (draft), stakeholder engagement to inform planning for Short term rental accommodation ) 

    Additional community engagement, as well as State Government agency consultation, will be undertaken before the LSPS is adopted by Council.

    Will there be future reviews of our LSPS?

    Councils are legislatively required to review their LSPS every 7 years, however the Byron LSPS is expected to be reviewed more frequently to reflect the completion of key land use strategies and plans (currently underway) and/or or changes in Council’s land use planning priorities.