What is Biodiversity?

    Biodiversity includes all life on earth - plants, animals and micro-organisms, and also their genes and the ecosystems they live in.

    Biodiversity provides us with food, medicine, clean air, clean water, healthy soils and a safe, resilient environment to live in. It also contributes to our local livelihoods and economy, including tourism and agriculture.

    How will the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy help?

    The Biodiversity Conservation Strategy includes over 90 Actions to help improve biodiversity conservation in the Shire, including:

    • Updating our mapping and other environmental datasets to guide on-ground environmental work and inform the development assessment process.
    • Creating a biodiversity chapter in our Development Control Plan.
    • Restoring biodiversity values on Council-managed land.
    • Working with the community and other agencies to support, facilitate and secure funding for biodiversity conservation on private land.
    • Providing better information to residents and visitors on our biodiversity values and what people can do to protect them.
    • Keeping the community informed about threats to biodiversity and their responsibilities, including weeds, pest animals, domestic pets and appropriate fire management.
    • Identifying effective solutions to manage wildlife deaths on our roads.
    • Working with universities to ensure best practice in threatened species management is integrated into Council’s on-ground programs and projects.
    • Partnering with our environmental volunteers to help support their amazing work and working together to maximise biodiversity benefits.
    • Monitoring our existing biodiversity values so we can track our progress.