What is the benefit of the river bank rehabilitation?

A healthy river bank, including the vegetation along it (riparian zone) contributes greatly to the overall health of the river by providing shade, leaves, twigs and fruits to feed the aquatic animals and insects, as well as providing large woody debris (logs and branches) for instream fish habitat.

A healthy functioning riparian zone also contributes to good water quality by stabilising river banks and providing filtration for overbank runoff.

Most non-native plants compete with our native vegetation. They don’t usually supply the right nutrients for the river and weedy vines often pull down our trees reducing shade and don’t help the river. Also, the weed roots don’t grow down below the water level like our native plants do. This means they don’t stabilise the river bank and trees tend to fall in as the bank erodes underneath them.

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This consultation has concluded.

For more information please visit Bringing back the Bruns on the Byron Shire Council website. 

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