What is a Precinct Plan?

    A precinct plan defines a desired and agreed direction for the future of a precinct and recommends actions to achieve the agreed outcomes. It typically involves the preparation of a concept plan for the area and often includes investigations into appropriate land use options, physical environment constraints, infrastructure requirements and community values and expectations.

    How did we prepare the Arts and Industry Estate Precinct Plan?

    Council engaged the services of consultants HIP V. HYPE Sustainability, who assembled a team of experts, including local architects, to work with Council, land & business owners and residents within the Estate to participate in an Enquiry by Design Workshop.

    What is an Enquiry by Design (EbD)?

    An Enquiry by Design is an intensive workshop process (usually held over a number of days) involving technical experts and community representatives, that seeks to create a vision for an area, and tackle complex issues through a collaborative design process. Each EbD is different according to the needs and wants of the community.

    It typically involves active participation in drawing, discussing and exploring solutions to challenges, and results in an agreed vision that can trickle down to more tangible solutions.

    The EbD

    The enquiry by design workshop was undertaken over 2 days in April 2019. Councillors, Council staff, urban designers and architects worked with a group of local stakeholders to examine a range of issues relevant to the Estate. 

    The draft Precinct Plan documents the outcomes of the workshop and presents a vision for the future of the Estate, key themes and principles to guide that future, and a range of projects to assist. 

    Why is Council undertaking this project?

    The Arts and Industry Estate has evolved over time into a thriving commercial (and residential) hub. accommodating a range of businesses. However, Council sees an opportunity to improve the functionality of the Precinct, and help guide the future of the Estate as it evolves. We acknowledge that problems exist with the current functionality of the space (parking and traffic being a primary concern) but we also see a suite of opportunities that only need to be seized upon.

    How will the outcomes affect me and my business?

    Council wants to celebrate the thriving hub that the Arts and Industry Estate has become, and facilitate opportunities for improvement - socially, environmentally, economically and culturally. The draft Precinct Plan sets out a series of implementable actions that will enhance the experience of living and working in the Estate and help with balancing the mix of uses that the precinct accommodates.