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Building Certification

01 Dec 2020

When it comes to building certification, you have the choice whether you use Council or another registered building certifier to issue the certificate and carry out inspections on the works.

Councils certifiers aim is to simplify the process for simple residential development such a single dwellings, alterations and additions and the like to enable the building work to get underway. We are a one-stop-shop service for residential and commercial building companies, home builders and renovators by taking care of all certifying and approval requirements.

Our clients gain a huge advantage because our staff work in a local government environment, and have intimate knowledge of building regulations, construction standards and development consent requirements.

Our certification team has introduced some improvements over the past 12 months that will see a simpler process for owners, builders and other trades. These include:

  • Electronic applications using the NSW Planning Portal
  • Introduction of an online inspection booking form
  • Immediate electronic inspection result sheets

We are asking builders, sub-contractors or anyone involved in the building process to complete our online survey letting us know of your past experiences. This will enable us to direct our further improvements to areas that need them.

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