Who makes the final decision on a development application?

    Council staff determine more than 95% of all development applications under delegated authority. 

    The remaining applications can be determined by the elected Council or the Northern Regional Planning Panel

    Will my neighbours be notified of my development application?

    You are required by law to submit a DA to Council for any building and subdivision works and for any development requiring consent under LEP 2014 or 1988 (where applicable).

    DAs are required so that Council may assess your plans and information, inspect your property and determine based upon merit whether your proposal is an appropriate form of development within a particular zone/area.

    Council will assess the proposal to ensure it is permissible according to its zoning, complies with relevant legislation and plans, and has no detrimental environmental, economic or social impacts on the locality.

    An approved development application that requires building works is followed by a Construction Certificate to build or construct the proposed development. A Construction Certificate can be issued by Council or a Private Building Certifier.

    Do I need to make a submission on a DA?

    Anyone can make a submission on a DA, particularly if you feel that you, your property or your locality may be affected by a proposed development.

    You do not need to make a submission if you have no concerns with the proposal. 

    Refer to Council's website for further information on making a submission.

    What documents do I need to submit with my development application?

    Documentation will depend on the type of application and the locality of your property. 

    The DA lodgement matrix and checklist provides an overview of the information you may need to submit with your application.

    How much will it cost to submit an application?

    Development Assessment and certification fees are included in Council's Fees and Charges. Fees are reviewed and adopted annually.

    Council's Development Support Officers (DSOs) can assist with providing quotes for development, construction and associated fees. You can submit a request using the online quote form.