Summary - Draft Glare Impact Assessment Report

Environmental Ethos, January 2020.

In summary, based on the assumptions and parameters of this desktop assessment, the following results were identified:

  • The viewshed analysis identified limited visibility of the Project site from the north, south and east due to ridgelines blocking views from these directions.
  • Existing vegetation, along creek lines, on hill slopes, and surrounding large lot residential areas, substantially screen views to the Project site.
  • No glare potential was identified in the assessment modelling when the Project utilises a single axis tracking system, however further assessment of backtracking operations is required, should this system be selected as the preferred option.
  • Three (3) properties were identified in the glare modelling with potential to be affected by glare (OP4, OP6 and OP24) when the Project utilises a Fixed Frame System.
  • The risk assessment identified two (2) properties (OP4 and OP24) were low risk since existing vegetation was considered likely to block line of sight to the Project.
  • One (1) property (OP6) located 800 metres to the west of the Project was identified as of moderate risk of potential glare impacts; further investigation is recommended to identify the level of screening between the Project site and the property, and potential requirement for supplementary screening.
  • Dingo Lane was identified in the modelling as potentially affected by glare when a Fixed Frame System is used. The modelling results showed glare originated from PV arrays located on flat land, PV arrays on sloping land were found not to affect Dingo Lane.
  • A recommendation of this report is to establish vegetated landscape buffers along the Project site’s northern and western boundaries to mitigate glare potential affecting Dingo Lane; alternatively screen planting may occur within or immediately adjoining Dingo Lane road reserve to achieve the same effect.
  • Vegetation screening should be established prior to the operation of the Solar Farm, and managed and maintained for the life of the Project, in order to avoid the risk of glare impacting travellers along Dingo Lane.

Summary – extracted from full report, available on request via email to Project Team

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