What is the estimated cost of the solar farm?

    The current cost estimate is approximately $12M. Payback is estimated to be between 10-15 years. This is dependent on the funding source and amount. Council is currently investigating the available financial options as part of the feasibility assessment.

    How is the solar farm being funded?

    Council is in the process of identifying the potential funding source/s and considering the range of financial models available. Funding options will be presented as part of the feasibility assessment. 

    Why was the Dingo Lane site selected for this solar farm?

    Following is a history of Council decisions regarding this project:

    • 23 March 2017 – Council adopts targets - 100% Net Zero Emissions Target by 2025 and 100% of its energy through renewable energy within 10 years  (report 13.7)
    • 21 September 2017 - ‘Energy Action Tank’ recommendations considered by Council (report 13.18)
    • 14 December 2017 – List of potential actions in response to Energy Action Tank recommendations shows Dingo Lane Solar Farm as potential option  (report 13.3), states “A site feasibility assessment is underway for a 5MW ground mounted solar farm on Council owned land in Dingo Lane, Myocum.”
    • 23 May 2019 – Council considers business case of Dingo Lane Solar Farm and allocates $465,000 to detailed feasibility assessment (report 13.17)
    • 20 June 2019 – Council Adopts “Net Zero Emissions Strategy”, highlights Dingo Lane Solar Farm as key project (Report 6.1)
    • 28 November 2019 – Council allocates additional $129,000 to detailed feasibility assessment for Dingo Lane Solar Farm (Report 13.16)
    • 23 April 2020 - Council establishes a short list of Contractors to proceed to an 'Early Contractor Involvement' Phase for Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Solar Farm (Report 13.9)

    The objective of the project has been to contribute (among a collection of projects/initiatives) to Council's Net Zero Emissions Target and Renewable Energy Target.