3 stages of Strategy development

The Strategy is being developed in three stages:

  1. Initial information gathering and research.
  2. Further information gathered through community engagement.
  3. Strategy development and implementation.

Stage one

Report on the findings of research and information gathering on the following:

  • A review of Council held dog data, including information and statistics on the number of registered dogs across the Shire.
  • The number of dog related incidents responded to by Council enforcement officers.
  • A review of relevant state legislation about dogs in public spaces.
  • Recent open spaces study information to develop understanding of exercise and recreation practices with dogs, specifically related to dog exercise.
  • Review of previous community engagement relating to dogs to identify potential issues and stakeholders.

Stage two

Community engagement and consultation through:

  • Forming a Community Working Group that represents a wide span of community interests.
  • Online survey to gain broader views from the residents and visitors about dogs in public spaces.
  • Face-to-face drop in sessions and site visits at popular dog exercise areas and a 'main street' location aimed at capturing diverse views.

Stage three

Preparation of the draft strategy. The work undertaken in earlier stages will inform the initial themes and directions of the Strategy, and will include

  • Vision
  • Objectives for the strategy
  • Key themes and strategic directions
  • Action plan

Council will formally exhibit the draft Strategy and seek feedback through submissions.

On review of the submissions, the draft Dogs in Public Spaces Strategy will be adopted.

It is proposed that the DiPS will replace the current Byron Shire Council Policy 5.31 Companion Animal Exercise Areas – which was last reviewed in 2019.

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