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Searching for smart drainage solutions in Mullumbimby

Recent data collected from flow monitoring of the sewerage system and inspections of Council’s water and sewer pipe connections will help find answers to why there is too much stormwater in Mullumbimby’s sewer.

When too much stormwater enters the sewer, the treatment plant can become overwhelmed and cause overflows in the community.

Pipes can deteriorate between inspections due to age, pressure from local development and heavy traffic, damage from tree roots or poor installation and maintenance. This leads to stormwater getting into the sewer system, commonly known as inflow. To manage inflow efficiently, sewer and stormwater pipes require regular inspection and maintenance.

The amount of stormwater inflow to sewer has been monitored for over five months. This data will assist Council with identifying problem areas and calculating the cost of developing an efficient stormwater and sewerage network to accommodate population and tourism growth in the Mullumbimby area.

Council’s Water and Sewer team are working with specialist environmental design and consulting agency, Australian Wetlands Consulting, to consider the benefits of Water Sensitive Urban Design in reducing inflow and improving drainage of stormwater in the town, to prevent it from entering the sewerage system.

Water Sensitive Urban Design is a holistic approach to water management in urban areas, focusing on stormwater capture and recycling, cleaner waterways and greener, cooler towns and cities.

To find out more about Water Sensitive Urban Design,click here

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