Summary: 2019 Sewer Assessments - Mullumbimby

  • Flow monitoring was undertaken in the Mullumbimby sewer catchment which identified that inflow and infiltration was evident.
  • Further visual assessments, CCTV, and smoke testing were undertaken to confirm the condition of this portion of the network.
  • Assessments included 109 gravity sewer mains and 107 stormwater urban mains in addition to associated maintenance structures.
  • Assessments identified various assets requiring maintenance, rectification works, and/or renewal.
  • A risk analysis was undertaken of each asset so that Council can prioritise the highest risk assets for the recommended works.
  • The first scheduled works include:
  1. Structural relining of 27 sewer mains;
  2. Minor rectification of 27 sewer and stormwater mains, including various maintenance structures; and
  3. Reassessment of 26 sewer and stormwater mains (due to incomplete or obstructed original assessment).

  • These works are expected to commence in February 2020 and be completed by June 2020.

  • CCTV assessments of the remainder of the gravity sewer network will be on a priority basis.
  • Byron Bay and Ocean Shores will be assessed as the next two highest priority sewer catchments between February and June 2020.
  • The results from these assessments will enable Council to direct budget to Byron Shire's highest risk areas of the sewer network.
  • All rectification works on gravity sewer mains can be done with a structural liner, which is a quicker, more cost effective, lower risk option than replacement and has a lower impact on community (noise, dust, traffic etc).
  • Structural liners typically have a design life of at least 50 years.
  • Council is seeking a comprehensive understanding of the condition of its gravity sewer and stormwater networks to ensure their integrity and function are maintained so associated risks can be managed accordingly.
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