Why is the Belongil Creek estuary being included as part of the study area?

    In June 2020 Council adopted a scoping study for the open coast from Cape Byron to South Golden Beach. Belongil Creek estuary was not included in that study.

    Because Belongil Creek is an ICOLL, a lagoon that opens and closes periodically to the ocean, like Talllow Creek, it was decided that the two estuaries and catchments should be considered at the same time.  

    Why are the Tallow Creek and Belongil Creek catchments a part of the study area?

    Belongil Creek and Tallow Creek both open periodically to the ocean and are complex aquatic systems.  

    When the entrance of the creek/s are closed to the ocean there is no flushing of the water in the estuaries often resulting in poor water quality.

    This in turn impacts on the health of the ecoysystems in the estuaries.

    Has Council done any other CMP studies?

    In June 2020 Council adopted a stage 1 Scoping Study for Cape Byron to South Golden Beach CMP.

    A stage 2 Coastal Hazard Study started in late 2020 for the entire coastline of the Byron Shire.  It looks at a variety of hazards including beach erosion and recession and coastal and tidal inundation.

    Additional stage 2 studies may be identified through completion of the scoping study for the southern Byron Shire coastline and the Belongil Creek estuary.

    A Stage 1 Scoping Study is planned for the Brunswick River estuary as a future priority.